Mega Bass – Stats & Pics

First Hour Winner $15,000 Under the Slot! – Well Done Robert Brooks!

Bass Champs – Mega Bass Tournament Lake Fork – Hosted by Lake Fork Marina!!

9:00 Weigh-In – 2.53 Takes the $15,000 – Good Job Ghris Cook – 2.79 Still Holding Overall

10:00 Weigh In – Brandon Tingle takes the money with 2.63 lbs.

11:00 Weigh-In – William Goodhue with 7.98 lbs. Takes the Lead! Finally One Over “The Slot”.

Well Done Rocky – A Long Time Guest of Lake Fork Cabins in Yantis, TX

12:00 O’clock Hour – Boom! Mark Spaeth sets the High Bar with his 8.56 lb. Slab!

Winner OverAll !! Rick Simons with a 11.93 lb. Healthy Lake Fork Bass!!!

Texas Big Bass !!

We did remember to Release the Fish!

Do I Have To
That’s All Folks

The Original Lake Fork Cabins on the best Big Bass fishing lake in Texas