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First two weeks of April 2019

Well, the typical Spring pattern was and continues to be hampered by the weather but the light is just around the corner. Rain and Cold are giving way to that sweet spot between Texas Winter Cold and Summer Hot!! The water temp is maintaining and the bugs are out. Crawfish are crawling out of their rain swelled holes offering up the color and shade of The Season. Looks like Dark is the color of the month. At least until the Lizards come out and point us towards either Black and Blue or Watermelon. Flying critters of all kinds are smearing the windshield and you do Need Bug Spray! in the evenings. Live and Artificial Baits are working equally well for all manner of fish. Water is still Very High which is great for getting that big bass boat into the Northern Creeks! Crappie Harvesters, I’ll see You under the Bridges soon.

The Week of March 25th thru the 31st.

Fresh rain and cold winds kept the faint of heart at home. The faithful followers of the Order of the Crappie marched forward to the banks and shallows of the creek channels with bobbers and jigs in tow. The Crappie were Large but they came slow. Average for all three local lakes was somewhere around 1.5 fish per hour but most were keepers 12 to 14+ inch. The good news is that the bites are starting to come in groups heading toward the usual pattern of catch 4 or 5 and then wait 20 minutes. Wash, Rinse and Repeat. Best times were between 7:00 pm and 11:00 pm. Kris and I had much fun on the north side of the bridge at Coffee Creek where she snapped off two large Bass while running a 4 lb. Crappie rig. Those in boats can find them at all depths but they are holding suspended over ~25 foot of water. Bobber and 3 feet of length to hook works better than expected. Fish Stick-Ups ! That is a must. Jigs that caught the attention of all types of fish included Dark Bumble Bee or June Bug body with Chartreuse Tail. Red Dot for Eye was effective too!

As of March 25th:

The Water Temp is Holding! The Spawn is “ON”

Looks like with the warm weather you should be hearing the familiar sound of the North American Angler – “Fish On!”

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