First, Select your Arrive & Depart dates After this, use the “Search” Button to tell the system you are ready to see whats available on these new dates. (this hint based on customer feedback – thanks K.B. )

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We do require a one night deposit but even if you require multiple cabins even across many dates (Tournaments), you will only be charged a 1 days deposit for one single cabin no matter how many you book. Call me anytime to see what other arrangements can be made. Brian – 469 632-7759

We often Guarantee “Early Arrival” and “Late Departure” times. With Online Booking there is no need to go to the office to “Check-In” or “Check-Out”. Your Cabin will be open and key inside when you let us know when you’re coming, Use the “Arrival Time” and “Special Requests” portions of the reservation form to let us know how best to make your stay an unforgettable one.


We have recently upgraded our Secure Booking site so, no more having to make one reservation for each room separately. You can book multiple rooms and/or multiple stays in one Session. (Ok, Elliot Electric – Here you Go)

Setting up a Corporate Sponsored Tournament? Here is your One Stop Shop for Lodging for those Special Guests whether their fishing a tournament on “The Fork”, Golfing “The Links” at “Lands End” or Lake Fork Golf Course, Competing in Moto-Cross at Johnsonville Farms, or just having a Company or Church Retreat.

Book from your Phone or PC in a Flash. You can pop back and forth from the Reservation Page to the Information Pages (click on the Lake Fork Cabins Logo at top of any Reservation screen) and you will not lose your reservation entries. Close your browser session accidentally? Go back in from the same device (pc, phone, tablet) and the reservations system will restore all your entries. Call me and I’ll step you through it. Brian @ 469 632-7759

Hope to see you soon!

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