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Bream Fishing

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Lake Fork contains at least 7 different types of Bream – Bluegill, Redear, Goggle Eye, etc.. – It is our favorite fish to eat when we have time to clean a hundred or two. Scale, Filet, Batter and Fry. – I have a special service for parents who want to take their child or children out on their first fishing trip and guarantee they will be able to take pictures of the young one(s) catching their first fish. Before that we spend some time in the woods collecting the bait. Have you ever “Fiddled” for worms. So don’t worry if you yourself don’t know how to fish, your kid(s) will never know. You will be the Hero. I guarantee!

Walking trips by reservation only – Call me (Brian) at 469 632-7759

The Original Lake Fork Cabins on the best Big Bass fishing lake in Texas