Crappie Fishing

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As of 3/25/2019

Their Here !!! The Crappie have finally moved “Up Shallow”. We have been chasing them up and down the lake and at all depths for two weeks now. This week we have found them in the usual spawning locations and the normal migration routes. Minnows work on corks with a split or two and overall length of 1.5 feet. Try in the back of sheltered northern cheek channels and bays.

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The Dog Wood Trees are Blooming. Need I say more?

Well, Yes I do. As of 3/11/2019

Crappie are feeding but holding short of their final destination. During this period of the Crappie Spawn Season I find that working the North End of each wooded area will produce the best results. Work East and West along the line of trees (visible or submerged) that makes up the southern side of any road bed. I’ll get some pictures on Thursday of a good example. The Crappie will hold there and then jump to the next wooded area north where they will quickly make their way to the Northernmost edge of that area. (Reverse this process after the Span when they are returning to deeper water).

Night fishing picked up Saturday night and by Thursday we expect to transition from fishing to Harvesting!!!

Side by Side Jigs and Minnows are working the same. 16 vs. 17 from the shore in 1.5 foot of water.

Proven Jig Color this week.- Black body Bumble Bee with Chartreuse Tail and Red Dot Head.

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