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Some of our friends have lived here before the lake was filled.  I.E. We know where old man Johnson’s barn (structure) was before the water filled the lake.  Old road beds and bridges, ect..

Our oldest and most trusted friend does not run a commercial business any more but we love to fish and trade stories with him.  Retired from the oil business (which the family owned) he consults and supervises projects as he deems worthy in the oil field and in construction.  High security and automated sites in particular.  I will not mention his name here and you can surely meet him if you “Fish The Fork”.   I will put many pictures of him and videos of us (The Camp Fork Gang”) over the last 30 plus years of living on “The Fork”.

Shout out to Russell and Lindsie.

And in other news: Sushi is fresh and I found an old picture of the year 2000 Harvest Moon Regatta.  The longest offshore race in the country.  Caught Tuna between Oil Rigs on the way back up the coast.  150 Nat. Miles from Port Aransas to Galvaston.  Yes, we won in the 51′ Illusion which you see in the picture.  see telltails magazine for the story.

Our latest addition to this web page:  Friends James and Ramona who live in the Kaufman County area.  They are Entrepreneurs and run their own business, which I invite you find through the following link or directly at 469 626-7701.

Earth Conscious Plumbing

At this time there is absolutely no commercial purpose to this entry on my web site and you will have not seen any ads or pop-ups.  I only share what I have experienced in my local community.  I Do Not Sell any information about you when you visit my site.  When you visit any other sites that I link to I can not make such claim,  And I am going to assist all of my friends with having the security and privacy that you would hope for in a web site.

Please feel free to contact Me personally if you find anything on this site that is not true.

Have a Blessed day, be you any one of the earths seekers and searchers and who’s heart is full of the Love of Life and Light.  Sincerely, Brian and Kris McCready